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What it takes to call an aesthetician when your house is in a big mess

I am a person who is always in hurry and hardly find time to arrange things. Being lazy is my second favourite thing after my work. I work in a start-up and dedicate 15-16 hours of my day to it, not because I am forced to but because it includes my passion.

The holidays are only to relax, sleep whole day long, watch movies and going out with friends. And in this rush I almost forget cleaning my room! I am an online shopper by choice because I believe in getting everything at ease. Whether buying clothes, accessories, groceries or booking a cab.


This Sunday I was totally free and was thinking of pampering myself & called up VanityCube. My friend referred me to them after having a great experience.  I read about their service reviews and  was quite impressed .I downloaded their app and booked my first service .I was pretty excited to try out crystal spa pedicure, manicure & o3+ cleanup. Suddenly I realized about the condition of my room, I had hell lot of mess. My clothes were lying on the chair like it is going to be a next range of mountain. My books are my best bed partners and yes not a cutie teddy bear, I love sharing bed with them. My table is full of my all types of cosmetic products. I booked my service but was continuously thinking what the beautician will think about my room and what if she required a larger space and denied services!

Till I was in dilemma my doorbell rang and cute smiling beautician from VanityCube was on my door. I took her to my room. I was feeling so embarrassed when she entered my room. But she just smiled and didn’t even bother about how my room looked or commented. She just found a space and put her bag and started setting up the place.

I preferred to go for pedicure first. The kit was very clean and hygienic. The girl started with the pedicure treatment. Meanwhile I was going through all the morning newsfeed on my phone. It took approximately thirty minutes to make my feet look beautiful. Happy me.

After manicure and pedicure, she started with the clean-up session. The beautician Mary was well trained and was massaging my face in a very gentle and firm manner. I turned my speakers on to add a flavour to my grooming. After the services I felt amazing .The best part is I didn’t have to step out of my home to get that feeling. It was a bliss.

The beautician took my feedback,  left the room as it was, there were no dirt, no water on the floor and she didn’t add anything to my mess. 😀 I was happy with the service and will go for Vanitycube services again.

Thank you Vanitycube for taking care of the busy ones!

VanityCube Customer : Gauri Pradhan



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