Which Of These Makeup Mistakes Are You Guilty Of?

When it comes to beauty, we’ve all had our ups and downs. I know there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve looked back over your Facebook photos and cringed at the sight of your own face. I know this because I’ve done it. What was I thinking going out in that turbo-tan foundation/face full of makeup/blush that took over my whole cheek?

There are those types of mistakes, the ones you delete IMMEDIATELY and then there are the ones that you might be still doing every day without even realizing it. We’ve experienced our fair share of unmatched foundation and spidery lashes but as long as we have learned the error of our ways, we go ahead wiser and prettier. However, that’s not always the case as some errors are harder to fix. Since the solution of a problem begins by admitting it, we are helping you out with a list of makeup mistakes that many are guilty of and how you can avoid them this festive season.

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin


This is a huge no-no, You should be exfoliating once a week because applying foundation onto dry skin will accentuate flakiness, and it will sit on the top of your face instead of blending in.” Heed her advice by exfoliating weekly, then applying a rich moisturizer after.

Brows too filled


While a groomed set of brows sits high on our priority list, it starts being cringe worthy when they are excessively filled and drawn in, giving the eyebrows an artificial appearance. The best way to mend this mistake is by using a light hand when drawing in your brows and sticking to only bare sections that require filling in. Use a good brush to fill the minute gaps.

Wrong match of foundation


As the name suggests, foundation is the very base of your entire makeup look.So, it’s important to get it right. However, many fail in the very first step of selecting a shade by testing it on the wrist and forearm thus ending up with skin that is far too light or dark.

We all do it one point or another. Just choose two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light and look in a mirror. Use your own judgment to see which one looks most natural.

Lip Liner


It was somewhere in the 90’s when lip liner took its name rather literally to give the lips a precise outline while the lips were filled in with another color. Make sure you avoid going down the route of this beauty mistake by lining your lips and then filling in your lips with the same shade of lip pencil followed by lipstick.

Concealing gone wrong


The most common mistake when it comes to concealer is picking the wrong shade. A crucial mistake that many make is by selecting a concealer that is far too light for the skin resulting in a white cast over blemishes and white patches over dark circles. Just like foundation, concealer is meant to conceal imperfections by being matching the shade exactly. Another common mistake is using way too much concealer. Applying layers and layers of concealer does not help to conceal, it just makes you look cakey and overdone. Always remember, the key is to look natural. So go easy with the amount of concealer you use, especially when you’re applying foundation as well.The next time you purchase a concealer, make sure you select one that is closest to the skin on your face.



Blushes should complement your natural blush tone, If you are wearing a bolder lip, pair that with a subtler shade of blush.While the product is meant to give you a natural flush of color, it can often be over zealously applied to end up being two circles of a bright color. Avoid making this mistake and the next time you are applying blush, take a beauty tip by using a light hand to dust the pigment on your cheek and blend it into the skin thoroughly.

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