10 Hacks to make your nail paint stay longer

Many of us face this frequent problem of chipped nails, and nail color coming off after 2nd day of your nail paint application. How can we make sure that our nail paint lasts longer and we don’t have to change nail paint every 3-4 day. Here are some tips from VanityCube on how to have healthy nails and how can you retain nail paints for longer duration.

  1. Use Nail Polish Remover: The oil on our hands is one thing which chip off the nails. Before you start with your nail paint application, it is advisable to use nail polish remover for your nails. Even if you aren’t wearing any polish to begin with, just to remove any excess oils you may have on your nails.1.jpg
  2. Use a base coat first : Your polish will actually stick better to your nails if you prep them with a base coat first. You can use a Color bar, Lakme, Revlon or a Maybelline base coat. If you are looking for premium base coat, my suggestion is go for Essie.2.jpg
  3. For some reason, every time you get your nails done at the salon, the stylist makes it look effortless, right? I know when you go and get them done there; it’s usually two coats of polish, and then your clear top coat. Instead of doing two really thick color coats, do four very thin coats of color instead. This tip will help you cut down on drying time, and get rid of the bubble issue I’m sure so many of us have.3.JPG
  4. Shimmering Color last longer : Everyone knows that the hardest nail polish to remove is anything that sparkles or shimmers, so going with these colors are definitely a way to get that mani to last. The shimmer and glitter really will stick to your nails, and adds a little glamour to any outfit or occasion.4.jpg
  5. Wipe nails with vinegar: Use a cotton swab to wipe your nails with white vinegar before you apply the base coat. This removes any product build up or natural oils on your nail beds that could create a barrier between the polish.5.jpg
  6. Wear Gloves: When you’re doing the dishes, make sure you wear gloves! This will help to protect your manicure because submerging your nails in warm water is not helpful! Just like in the last tip, your nails will expand and it will ruin your nail polish. The chemicals in soap can also start to cause your polish to chip.6.jpg
  7. Dry nails with cool air: Hot air keep the polish from drying so use your blow dryer on its cool setting or a fan. Dipping fingertips in ice water for a minute or two also aids drying.1.jpg
  8. Apply nail oil daily to prevent your nails from drying out and splitting : The less moisture your nails and cuticles have, the more likely they are to break and tear.1.jpeg
  9. If your nail polish has started chipping, file your tips down and seal them with another layer of topcoat.
  10. Choose a comfortable nail length: An integral part of how to make nail polish stay on longer is choosing a length for your nail that allows you to comfortably do any activity while avoiding breakage. If you play an instrument or your job involves a lot of typing on a keyboard, a shorter nail length is the way to go.1.jpeg

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