How to get rid of dark pores on your legs

Are you one of those who is frustrated with black dots on your legs?  Do you avoid wearing your favorite shorts to avoid sun burn ? Dark pores are caused by impurities becoming trapped inside the skin. These impurities, including sebum, excess oil, dirt and bacteria, become lodged inside the pores and are oxidized, turning the pores brown. We have some easy tips to get your legs super smooth and dark pore free!

  • Warm Water : Think about this , when you deep fry something in a pan, how do you get rid of that oil on your pan. You end up using more soap/liquid and wash your pan with Warm water. Skin exactly work the same way. Instead of using cold water on your body , if you start using warm water for any kind of cleaning , it would definitely help your skin breather and remove those unwanted bacteria.

  • Exfoliate : Use a good exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new cells. You’ll remove the top layer of dead skin, revealing new, smoother and softer skin. This will also prevent excess oil buildup and ingrown hairs.
  • Strict NO to shaving : Shaving is the ultimate culprit when it comes to dark pores and ingrown hairs. If you’ve got nowhere to go, why not try and take a break from shaving? You can use a honey wax or an Italian RICA wax for your monthly routine.

  • Magic of Butter milk and salt : Make a paste by mixing buttermilk and salt. The buttermilk provides moisture while eliminating dirt and bacteria, while the salt removes dead skin cells. Leave on to affected area for 20 minutes, rinse off, and pat dry!

  • Magic of Sandalwood and coconut oil : Sandalwood and coconut oil combined together make an amazing pore eraser . Mix equal parts sandalwood oil with coconut oil and apply to affected areas. No need to rinse off as your skin will absorb the oils. Do this every night before bed and see the magic

  • Magic of Baking Soda : Mix baking soda with warm water to form a paste. Apply to the affected area and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The baking soda acts as a deep pore cleanser, removing blackheads and minimizing pores.

  • You can reduce the color of the dark pores with a cucumber juice. Peel and mash one cucumber and apply the juice to the problematic areas. Add pure glycerin to vitamin E oil, coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba.  Massage the affected area for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.

Blogger : Renu Bisht

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