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What is Cupping, and Does Cupping Work?

If you’ve watched the Olympics, you’ve no doubt seen Michael Phelps and other Olympians with a distinctive set of circular marks. These marks are caused by cupping, an ancient technique used to relieve muscle pain and stimulate blood flow.  What is cupping? Cupping involves creating suction on the skin with a heated cup and thus lifting the… Continue reading What is Cupping, and Does Cupping Work?

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Why zumba is your best friend

Has working out started to seem boring to the extent that you let out a huge groan before getting ready for gym? There, there girl; we totally get you. Following the same exercise routine while listening to the bog-standard music that totally drains your energy can be dull; to put it simply, working out starts… Continue reading Why zumba is your best friend

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Touch Yourself Tonight: Breast Cancer Awarness

We absolutely love our twins, don’t we? They give us a sense of femininity and confidence. Some of us want them to grow bigger and some of us want them to shrink a size or two but at the end of the day we love our breasts as they are. None of us wants to… Continue reading Touch Yourself Tonight: Breast Cancer Awarness

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Beauty Benefits of Tomato

Did you know that you can use tomato in your beauty routine? No, we are not kidding; apart from making our food yummy, red, ripe and juicy tomato can actually render numerous beauty benefits. Tomatoes contain lycopene in great amount which is an antioxidant that prevents our skin from sun damage, slows down the process… Continue reading Beauty Benefits of Tomato

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VanityCube Presents: Herbal Hair booster

Are you tired of using hair products that make sky-high claims but the results are so disappointing that you absolutely lose the hope of having long, luscious locks? Well, you are not alone; like you we too think that pricey, chemical loaded products do more harm than good. They strip our hair of our natural… Continue reading VanityCube Presents: Herbal Hair booster

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The Theory Of Detox Water

So what is this hype about detox waters? Is this question pestering you too? People have been talking about these delicious drinks that promise to make you lose weight; sounds great doesn’t it? We already know that drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday is great for our organs and flushes out the harmful toxins from… Continue reading The Theory Of Detox Water

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7 Healthy Habits For Healthy Body

Weight loss is one of the biggest issues that people around the world face. Shedding off those extra kilos isn’t easy and people are crazy about finding easy ways to lose weight. But the truth is, there is no easy way to lose weight and which is why internet is full of myths and crazy… Continue reading 7 Healthy Habits For Healthy Body