VanityCube – Changing The Salon Trend In India

Calling a beautician home is not a new thing. I have seen my mother calling Rekha(her beautician) since 1985 when I was born. She was the first one who gave prenatal body massage to her; she also helped her giving me tel malish after my birth. Time changed and Rekha transformed herself from just a maalish wali to a beautician. She learned these skills under Ms Suzy who use to run a local salon at her home and also use to train girls while on job. Rekha learned these skills within 6 month and started serving my mom again but this time it was with waxing , facial and other beauty services. This is somewhere in 1994-95, lot of aunties use to open up small parlour in one of their rooms and use to earn a good living through it. Infact I got my first hair cut from Ms Ruksana. By 2000’s we had enough commercial salons in the market consisting of low budget, mid budget and premium to cater to every strata of women. Flip through 10 more year, 2008 onwards market has significantly changed in India, we had good majority of women working in IT, banking and other service industries. With women getting busier, it is becoming more difficult for them to pay salon visit.


This was my Eureka moment. This is where VanityCube was born in late 2014. Just imagine, if you could get your salon service (same quality, same price, and same standards) at home, would you not want to switch from your salon to home salon. I would love to relax on my couch , watching my fav matinee movie and at the same time getting my nails done. People often ask me how it is different from Salon services and is it convenient to get such services at home.

My answer to this is yes. We are primarily into hygiene and makeup services where it is much more convenient to avail such services at home instead of stepping out. Why would anyone want to get inside this small tiny cramped room with just one bed which is not even comfortable and spend 2-3 hours of yours?

We sort of looked at some of the problems and thought why not look out for relevant solutions.


  • Many vendors provide salon bookings but no one provides last minute booking. Salons has to give preference to walk in customers over anyone who has booked an appointment online.
  • Your hair dresser or beautician flip between appointment as there are more customers in the salon and you need to optimize your staff time and effort, so you really don’t get their attention for very long time.
  • Weekend are pretty crazy and you may end up waiting in salon from anytime between 15-45 min, typical parking issue, traffic etc etc.
  • Except few salons most of the salons open up around 10-10.30 and shuts by 8-8.30 pm gives working women very little time to adjust their salon timing during her non working hours.
  • Customer preference goes unattended, no technology and analytics at salon level today.
  • High price in services due to high real estate cost of salons

What can be a solution to this, a budgeted branded home salon? VanityCube is not a new idea, women have been getting their beauty, hair and makeup done forever. We’re just using technology to streamline and making it more accessible. After booking an appointment in three easy steps (choose your date and location, pick your beauty or makeup services, and confirm!) a VanityCube artist comes to you, delivering high-quality and consistent services regardless of the artist that arrives.

How do you prepare yourself to get such services at home?

There is hardly anything you need to prepare for except that you need to have a place where we can execute the services. It need not necessarily be home, we have done plenty of services in office, hotels, wedding venues etc.

A customer can book us via Mobile App (Android or ios), website ( or call us on our central number (8010801091). She can get all details about the services we offer and choose from the menu. A customer can request a particular date and time and your booking is done. As a customer you can choose to pay before the service via online or choose to pay post your services via cash/online. Any services booked during the day in served within 90 min from the time of appointment.

How do we address our Customers Concerns?

  1. Safety – VanityCube beauticians come wearing branded t-shirt, carry branded kit and products. We do a thorough background verification of all our beauticians.
  2. Hygiene – We carry all disposable towels, bed sheet, face tissue and other material required to deliver efficient services. We sanitize all our products before use.
  3. Convenience- Our beautician carry pedicure machine, hair steamer, facial streamer, manicure bowl, towel and all other kits required to perform all beauty treatment. We do not ask customer to provide us with anything
  4. Training – All our beauticians are hired from top training academy and salon with a minimum work experience of 5 years. All girls are well behaved and well trained.
  5. Pricing – We bring standardized services delivered at your doorstep at affordable prices.

With VANITYCUBE you don’t have to worry about travel time, traffic or the hassle of bad summer/winter weather ruining your fresh hair or beautiful skin. We wish you all beautiful things.

For appointment Download our Android or iOS App. Or Visit

For Queries, Please Call : 8010801091


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