Barber Services At Home

Who said only a visit at a lounge or a movie on a Saturday night would be the best stress buster and a perfect start to the weekend. Sometimes it’s the perfect head and shoulder massage and a refreshing pedicure along with a haircut that brightens ups your Sunday mornings.

I remember having a tiring week and wanting to get some of the services availed but didn’t want to visit a salon. That’s whenI searched for a professional salon that provides services at home and came across VanityCube. My sister had in the past availed services in Mumbai from them so I had heard good reviews about them and VanityCube is the only one that provides services for men at home so I was really looking forward to try the services for myself.
I had booked for a Haircut, head and shoulder massage and a pedicure. The therapist, Alok, was on time and extremely good at his job. It really didn’t feel any less than a salon experience. Since I stay alone in 1RK, one thing that I was apprehensive about was the space crunch. I wasn’t sure if there would be too much space for the therapist to do the setup and provide the services but they were really good at it. I think they’ve been trained how to do the setup without asking for too much space. In a jiffy, my small room looked like a mini salon.

What is also amazing is their feedback process. The manager called me after the service and asked me about an unbiased feedback from me. Since then, I’ve been a regular customer at VanityCube.

Men deserve some pampering too and Sundays like these are truly a bliss.

Book a hassle free manicure and pedicure session at home with VanityCube or Call 8010801091.

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