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Why zumba is your best friend

Has working out started to seem boring to the extent that you let out a huge groan before getting ready for gym? There, there girl; we totally get you. Following the same exercise routine while listening to the bog-standard music that totally drains your energy can be dull; to put it simply, working out starts to seem more like a chore than a hobby or a source of joy. Have you considered taking up a new fitness activity and breaking up with your gym? Well if you haven’t, we assure you, you will think about it now.

Weight loss

One of the main advantages of Zumba is how rapidly you lose weight without even realizing. An aveage person burns 600-1000 calories in a single session and given that Zumba is all about dancing to the infectious music, you won’t even realize how quickly your calories are burning. Losing weight will seem easier and it will hardly feel like a workout.

Total body toning

Some of us don’t need to lose weight and all we want is to tuck that tummy in and lean legs and strong arms. Zumba renders great toning benefits and the movements include squats and lunges that otherwise seem very boring. But with Zumba you won’t even realize when you crossed fifty squats in no time. The dance routine tightens and tones your body from head to toe.

Its fun

Dancing to upbeat music in an energetic environment? To be honest we would join Zumba classes just for fun. If you love dancing or music, you have to give it a try and there’s no way you wouldn’t like it. We lose interest quickly in monotonous workout routines, but with zumba, you will always look forward to the next class.

Improves coordination

As we get older, our coordination highly suffers. Zumba will improve your overall coordination which will definitely pay off when you are old. You will not suffer on account of poor coordination in your old age if you join Zumba classes now.

Boosts metabolism

One of the reasons we gain fat without even eating much is due to our poor metabolism. Practicing Zumba can boost your metabolism and you will burn calories quicker than before. In short, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals much quicker.

It’s customizable

It can be a tad difficult to cope up with the rest of your Zumba companions if you are new to the concept. But the great thing about Zumba is that your moves are customizable according to your ability. With time and practice you can jump to the next levels, sounds fun eh?

Makes you confident

Many things affect our confidence; the way we walk, the way we carry ourselves and most importantly, the way we look. When you practice Zumba, your posture and coordination improves considerably and plus, you get a great body; your confidence is bound to increase.

Stress buster

You will feel your stress leaving you as soon as you get in touch with the incredible music and highly energetic aura. You will feel your mood getting better and better with each dance move and by the time you finish, you will forget about all your worries.

Respiratory benefits

Because it’s fast and upbeat, your cardiovascular respiratory system will improve greatly. Your anaerobic endurance will build up and you will supply greater amount of oxygen to your organs which will lead to a healthy body and mind.

It’s addictive

Once you get the taste of the concept, you will find yourself wanting to do it all the time. The rhythm, the music, the moves; you will fall in love with the form of exercise in no time. If you are someone who easily loses motivation, Zumba is the best way to go.


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